Poems of Love, Love Lost, and other Topics
That Readily Lend Themselves to Rhyme & Rhetoric

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How do I say goodbye to you
When we never really said hello?
Is it any easier to walk away from the seeds of a friendship
Never given time to root and grow?
(Grow into what
a bigger friendship? I don’t know.)

And how is it possible to miss someone
I hardly ever see?
How can I know if you were my hero,
When you rode into the sunset
Long before the credits rolled.
How can there be a formal end to something
Which had no real beginning?

I can only thank you for the rainbows you brought to my storms;
For the silver lining you stitched in my clouds.
It was refreshing to find,
In this Sea of Skepticism,
Another fish peering at the world through a prism.

So, thank you for the laughs we had
And those that might have been.
I really cannot say goodbye.
Please, always be my friend.

                                               . . . NancySue Krenrich Hamm


At last! The time has come
When I no longer see your face in my dreams.
I do not hear your gentle voice singing in my mind.
No more do I weep for you,
And reach out to hold you near me.

I won’t think of those times
I held you so close, intoxicated with love,
Knowing all the time it would end,
And you’d be gone forever.

I will not remember the words you spoke so carelessly
That meant everything to me,
Filling me with new hope and new life,
But, killing me in the end.

My love was always wrong.
Fool that I am, believing in true happiness,
Thinking that my fairy tale had come true,
And my "Knight on a Shining Guitar" had come to stay,
When he only came to say goodbye

                                                                                                               . . . NancySue Krenrich Hamm
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One short moment.
I saw you today
For one too short moment.
I couldn’t just stare at you
Until all the loneliness and pain
Of the time spent without you was gone.
I couldn’t take time to notice
What you were wearing,
Or whether your hair had grown.

One short moment –
I could only smile in passing,
As if I see you every day,
As if I never loved you.
One short moment
That makes one long life worth living.

                                                                              . . . NancySue Krenrich Hamm

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I Dreamed I was Awake and You Were Real

You may have guessed by now
That I have invested in you
Certain dreams and fantasies.
I see you as
A shining knight,
An icon,
A savior for the woman I am
That’s okay.
I appreciate your giving me something to believe in again.
I have been sorely disappointed before,
And I was beginning to think
No one could ever turn my heart again.
Unless he had more than good looks
A man like you:
Intelligent, witty, sensitive, and creative.
He would personify perfect harmony of those qualities,
And then some:

A mature man, strong and intense
Who could laugh at life with the candor of a child;
"Seasoned" with spices others might consider negative,
Like stubbornness and arrogance –
But, not too much.

Like Rhett Butler, he would be the type to say,
"Frankly, My Dear, I don’t give a damn,"
And only his eyes and touch would betray
How much he really cared.

You seemed to be this person.
And though I have spent more time fantasizing about you
Than being with you,
Just knowing you has enriched my life.
Thanks for allowing me to indulge in the romance of you.

                                                                                                 . . . NancySue Krenrich Hamm


You said you thought of me the other day.
It was nice to know
I had somehow found my way into your thoughts.
Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you;
Never a sun has set that I haven’t longed for you.

You miss me, you said.
I have learned to live with missing you.
It’s not so hard.
All I have to do is live:
Close my mind,
And walk and talk,
But, never feel . . .

In other words, I miss you, too.

I make it through with the hope
That only time stands between us,
And each day will bring you closer.
But, I grow impatient.
Why can’t it be tomorrow?

What is this strange enchantment that is cast upon our fate?
Never really together,
Yet, we’ve never really said goodbye.
I just loiter in your memory,
And you linger in my heart,
While each passing day reminds me
That our lives are miles apart.

Don’t you see?
You are my hopes, my thoughts, my dreams.
But, it was nice to hear you say
You thought of me the other day. 

                                                                            . . . NancySue Krenrich Hamm


Sometimes I think I still can’t live without you.
A dull ache inside me
Realizes my yearning to be a part of your life.

The years have come and gone.
I never hear your name.
I don’t even know anyone who knows you.

Most of the time I believe I have changed –
Outgrown the ME who loved YOU.
A song, a scene, a scent
Catches my heart off guard,
And reminds me of you.
Even after all these years,
I think I still can’t live without you.

                                                                    . . . NancySue Krenrich Hamm


I rarely say, "I love you."
But, if I did…
IF I were the type
Inclined to such emotional eruptions
And vocal expression. . .
What would I say to you?
I would probably say
It’s been a long time since I’ve been in love
Or since I even thought I loved.
So long, in fact,
I’m not sure I know what love is, anymore -
Or if I ever really knew.
But, if I even thought I loved someone,
I think it would be you.
                                                                                                                 . . . NancySue Krenrich Hamm

 I’ve Loved You For So Long

Why can’t you ever love me
When I’ve loved you for so long?
Perhaps you could just try to see
That maybe I belong.

I might bring smiles to fill your days,
And words to fit your songs.
If only you would come and stay.
I’ve loved you for so long.

Vainly, you search elsewhere to find
The love you ever seek.
Touch and take this love of mine,
A love that’s yours to keep.

                                                                           . . . NancySue Krenrich Hamm

Lonely in Loving A Star

A rising star needs time and space
To gleam, to glow and shine.
Let the world behold, adore, embrace –
Warm memories are mine.
Away from the light
I moved,
So there might
Be more for the world to see.
Alone at night,
I long for the bright
Star who belonged to me.

Shimmering, shining,
Your gilded glow is
Luminescent and coruscating.
Remembering and pining here below,
My star will see me waiting.

Into the skies
A million eyes
Look to you for truth.
While I alone
Have truly known
The brilliance of your youth.

                                                                          . . . Nancysue Krenrich Hamm

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                   Original poetry by
NancySue Krenrich Hamm

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